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Property in Istanbul

If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.


Alphonse de Lamartine


The first time I visited Istanbul I was immediately enchanted and I knew, as I disembarked from the bus into Taksim Square, that this was a special place. Walking down Istiklal Street, Istanbul s main shopping area, I marveled at the array of modern shops alongside traditional cafes and restaurants. My destination was the Grand Bazaar, which I had decided to walk to, to take in the sights, sounds and smells of this ancient metropolis. At the end of Istiklal Street I took the tunnel   a 19th century underground train with just one stop that takes approximately 60 seconds   but got me to the shores of the Bhosphrous. I walked over a bridge and was soon looking around the six hundred year old cavernous Grand Bazaar which has 61 covered streets plus thousands of shops.  The traders love to haggle, even if they know you will not buy anything, and I soon picked up some Turkish words which I used later that evening when I visited one of Istanbul s famous Meyhanes  restaurants.  After a dizzying array of meze dishes, washed down with what seemed like a never ending supply of raki, I began to think to live in this city and  wonder how I could purchase a property in Istanbul?


Sixteen years ago, it was almost impossible for a foreigner to purchase property in Istanbul due to a number of prohibitive restrictions in place, but now it is a relatively simple process to buy, for instance, a one bed Istanbul apartment in the sought after Bahcesehir district of Istanbul for as little as 35,000.   Even if you have visited Istanbul before it is still a good idea to look at all the main residential areas in detail, as every location has its differences, and this is something that we will be delighted to do with you. Now you can even purchase historical Istanbul mansions, yalis and luxury villas in Turkey.


Modern day Istanbul is described as a cross between London and New York, even more so now that Donald Trump has recently opened the Trump Toweres residences and mall in Istanbul. Donald Trump, who is the President of the Managing Committee of the Trump Organisation, in addition to being one of the most high profile businessmen in America, and who was among the nominees during the recent U.S presidential elections said:


Turkey is being managed better than the U.S. It has always been said that America is a  country of opportunities  and that s still true, but now I see more opportunities in Turkey which is drawing attention with its rapidly growing economy.


Indeed, many muti-national corporations and International market leaders are opening up head offices in Istanbul, with new Turkish laws offering incentives to foreign companies looking to invest in Istanbul. This is creating a high demand for Istanbul real estate and makes Istanbul of the the best areas in the world for investment properties.

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