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Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment: A Golden Opportunity to Get a Golden Visa

Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment

With pristine water, quaint fishing villages and amazing people, Turkish is indeed an insanely beautiful country. In fact, if you are the one who is looking for the rugged edge of civilization where people still leading century old lifestyle with a tint of contemporary style, then Turkey is the right place for you.

The country’s wealth of landscapes, historical monuments, diverse culture and yummy food make it an exciting place to explore and worth to settle in as well.

If you are fascinated with the beauty of the country and want to settle there, Turkey’s golden visa is one of the fastest ways to acquire citizenship by property investment. It is feasible to become a Turkish citizen after buying a property worth at least 400k USD in just a short span of six months. Opposition parties are against to Citizenship program therefore after the new election of Turkey, they may remove Turkish citizenship program therefore now is the time to get Turkish Citizenship Program .

Let’s explore the criteria to get Turkish citizenship by property

Below are the requirements that should be fulfilled in order to be eligible for a Turkey Golden Visa:

  • You must be an adult and your children should be under 18 years old
  • You must invest at least 400.000. USD in real estate
  • You or family members must not have any criminal background
  • You must be intended to keep your investment for the minimum three years
  • You must buy a property from legal funds only
  • You can only buy property from Turkish person or Company

Here are the benefits of getting Turkish Golden Visa

  • It becomes quick and easy to obtain Turkish passport
  • Strategically situated between Europe and Asia, Turkey offers promising opportunities to grow
  • Turkey has various immigration facilitation agreements with EU and USA, which can make it easy for you to move to other countries
  • Just show your Turkey passport and travel to over 110 nations without visa
  • The country boasts of high quality medical infrastructure
  • It always feels good to live in a country with so many beautiful sights, which can in fact fill an entire album

Turkey Visa Application Process

Have a look at the procedure that needs to be followed to get visa:

  • Talk to a reputed real estate professional for the investment
  • Apply for the Certificate of Eligibility
  • Apply for the residence permit
  • Finalize investment deal
  • Apply for Turkey citizenship

Connecting the east and the west, Turkey presents a perfect mix of history, culture and scenic beauty. How about living there as its citizen? Turkish Riviera Homes can turn your dream into reality by helping you choose the right property so that you can get citizenship by property investment.

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