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Why Istanbul is the most loved city of turkey?

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Mesmerizing Istanbul… a bridge between two continents, a city with more than 800 years long history, a place where the eastern and western cultures amalgamate to create a melting pot and the home to many hidden beauties that you will find nowhere but here only!

Indeed, Istanbul is a place that touches all senses.  If the walls of Istanbul could talk, they would recite heroic tales, involving legends, prophecies, love and betrayal, which make this city so captivating.

People from around the world want to buy properties in Istanbul. So let’s look at the reasons that make Istanbul the most loved city of turkey

  1. Blend of ancient and contemporary- the result is spellbound

From ancient hippodrome, Jasmine Sirkeci train station, to Topkapı Palace and Galata Tower, Istanbul’s architectural feats are worldwide celebrated for their grandeur. For instance, built in 1616, The Blue Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in the city which is named due to the 20,000 blue tiles on its ceiling. `It is also due to the fascinating architecture that there has been a surge in the number of people buying properties in Istanbul.

  1. World’s first shopping centre, literally

Picture this- standing on the roof of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s oldest markets, your heart exclaims with excitement and your soul enjoys the narrow lanes of the bazaar that gives you nostalgia feel of medieval period.

  1. Paradise for snow lovers

How about indulging in snowball fights in Sultanahmet Park, surrounded by Blue Mosque covered in snow? Istanbul transforms into a winter wonderland when the temperature drops below minus.

  1. …. And a playground for summer lovers

As the temperature soars, head to Kilyos Beach, party near Buyuk Ada or just laze by the pool at beautiful Suada, a manmade island.

  1. Chill with a hookah

Walking with buildings around you and then wham! A little deviation and go underground to enter into the world of hookah. Gorge on some yummy snacks and rejuvenate yourself with flavored hookah and orange tea after a tiring day. 

  1. Elaborate culinary tradition

Food is so intrinsic to Istanbul that you will surely meet a local talking about food culture in a length. And why not, the city is always ready to take you on a culinary journey with a great pride. The sumptuous combination of the East and West, here the conversations can go on an as long as you guzzle down cups of tea and coffee. Did we tell you, a traditional breakfast here is an elaborate affair with veritable experience?

  1. Come spring and tulips are here to welcome you

The winter white makes way for colorful spring in April when millions of tulips bloom around the city to mark the beginning of the annual International Istanbul Tulip Festival.

  1. Grand Bazaar – One of the World’s Greatest Shopping Destination

Istanbul is best known for being the cultural, economic and historic center for Turkey. It truly reflects in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar (Kapalıçarşı in Turkish. It is one of the world’s greatest shopping destination. Istanbul’s most-visited Grand Bazaar is spanning over 30,700 square meters, the largest covered market in the entire world. The historical bazaar includes more than 3 thousand shops selling wide range of traditional and modern products at really affordable prices.

As rightly said by Napoleon Bonaparte, “If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital,” the city is the scenic beauty where people from different parts of the globe want to buy properties and get lost in its rich history.

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