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Houses for sale in Turkey

There are lots of houses for sale in Turkey and they tend to be very different in design to typical UK houses. As Turkey enjoys a sub-tropical climate, with over 300 days of sunshine in its coastal regions, the houses in Turkey tend to have more features to take advantage of the glorious climate. For instance, a Belek villa in Antalya might have large picture windows to admire the views of nearby golf courses, plus wide angled patio doors leading the swimming pool with a paved pathway going all around the house and into the garden.


Houses for sale in Turkey are often quite modern with fitted air conditioning units to cool the interior in the intense heat of the summer, to underground lawn sprinklers to keep the grass fresh and green. Many houses in Turkey, that interest foreign buyers, are on self-contained complexes that have 24 hour security, swimming pools, a health club plus bars and restaurants set in well maintained, landscaped grounds. Yes, there is normally a small monthly maintenance fee to pay for such luxuries, but most owners agree that it is well worth the money for the carefree lifestyle it creates.


Being near to the beach is, of course, highly desirable, and houses for sale in Turkey, Antalya have some of the locations available with the Roman town of Side especially sought after. For many people, it is love at sight when they visit Side, Antalya, as the ancient cobbled streets and beach front cafes quickly weave their charm. And it is because of Side s 2 sandy beaches that this is one of the best places in Turkey to have a house. There are a number of resale and new build houses for sale in Side, or we can also custom build a house just for you as not all the best houses for sale in Turkey come ready made. There is something special about having a bespoke house that is designed just for you, and the good part is that it costs a lot less, and is much larger, than a typical UK house.

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