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Wish to Get Turkish Passport? Property Investment Would be a Wise Idea

Turkey Citizenship Program

People from the best part of the globe love expressing immense interest in procuring Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme. They can turn their dreams into reality by buying a property in Turkey. Here is why most of the investors invest in Turkish property and how to find an easy way for Turkish real estate marketplace.

Acquire Turkish Passport via property investment 

As per the immigration programme, you can attain Turkish passport by buying property commencing from $250,000. Once you buy a property in this most sought after European country, you can sell it off within three years’ time. No, don’t worry! This will not affect your citizenship.

It is undeniably a popular option to invest in real estate in Turkey. There is a boom of foreign investors taking advantage of the CIP Programme, especially after the decrease in the qualifying investment sum. Moreover, it is the best time to buy a property in this country if you want to. It indeed sounds great if you are planning to buy a property to acquire Turkish passport.

Some instant benefits

After receiving Turkish passport, you may also avail other advantages such as, you can:

  • Open your bank account
  • Get Turkish Tax Number
  • Apply for Turkish citizenship
  • Select more real estate options starting from $250,000
  • Invest in the capital stock of the country but this needs approval from Ministry of Industry and Technology
  • Avail rebates for the costing of higher education in Turkey

Be a Turkish property owner 

By investing some amount of money, you can be the owner of a comfortable and lovely residential abode in a Turkish city of your choice. Just imagine yourself relaxing in a beautiful scenic villa in Antalya, Alanya, or Istanbul. Vacation in such places once a year is an ideal option. Most of the foreign investors also prefer buying apartments with the plan to yield a decent percentage of per annum on rental income.

Invest today!

You can select an option that fits your requirements, budget, and personal goals. Do not worry, as you can have experienced property agents who can assist you in finding the best and most lucrative deals in Turkey. Just make sure that the property you are about to invest in is a verified one under Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme. Once you become the owner of a property in this popular country having a peaceful and tranquil environment, you may well expect a 360-degree change in your lifestyle. To get more information on investing in a property or to get Turkish passport, feel free to contact Turkish Riviera Homes. It will be an honour for us to help you out.

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