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Turkish citizenship by property investment

Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment: A Golden Opportunity to Get a Golden Visa

With pristine water, quaint fishing villages and amazing people, Turkish is indeed an insanely beautiful country. In fact, if you are the one who is looking for the rugged edge of civilization where people still leading century old lifestyle with a tint of contemporary style, then Turkey is the right place for you. The country’s wealth of landscapes, historical monuments, diverse culture and yummy...

Invest in a Villa for sale in Turkey – Get Complete Peace of Mind

Investing in a second home abroad has been a popular trend for decades. Especially, it has been on a rapid rise in the recent years. Out of all choices available, Turkey has emerged as a sought-after destination considering all the exciting things it has to offer. Regardless of whether you wish to gain citizenship of this country, want to buy a holiday home for vacations, or make investment for long...

These Reasons Would Prompt You to Invest in a Hotel for sale in Istanbul

There has been a surge in the number of people looking for a hotel for sale in Istanbul, most of them enticed by what this beautiful city has to offer. Istanbul entered the real estate market quite late owing to various reasons. However, the recent modernizations have raised the value of its properties and brought it at par with other major destinations of the world. With the real estate market of...

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