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Turkey for sale

When British people see the phrase  Turkey for sale  they will immediately think of a large, feathered bird normally enjoyed, roasted, at Christmas but what are the origins of the name  Republic of Turkey ? The name of  Turkey  or  Turkiye  derived its definition from two components; the  Turk  plus the suffix  iye  mean  land of  and  owners . Today, Turkey really is a  land of owners  with many foreign owners of villas and apartments.

One of the reasons why villas in Turkey for sale attract so much interest from overseas buyers, ,looking to purchase a second home, are the unbelievably affordable prices. Why spend GBP250,000 on a small UK house above which there is almost always a cloudy sky when you can purchase a villa in Turkey, starting from GBP50,000 and a top notch one with a swimming pool for GBP145,000 bathed in almost constant sunshine?

Apartments in Turkey for sale are very popular for the same reason   the price. A one bed contemporary apartment in Antalya City, with stylish amenities like a communal pool, costs as little as GBP35,000. In London that would buy a new car but not much else! Property in Turkey for sale also appreciates in price, especially in a working place like Antalya City where demand is high amongst local blue collar workers for accommodation. Antalya City apartments are also easy to rent out on long term contracts with many buyers securing rental income for five years then selling on their purchase for a handsome profit.

Most people, when they see property in Turkey for sale are initially excited then wonder how easy it is to purchase. This is where we come in as not only do we assist you in finding your dream home, but we also make the purchase process simple through ensuring:

  The person who is selling the Turkey property actually owns it

  There are no charges on the Turkey property

  Necessary building permissions for building your Turkey property and licenses are in order

  The terms and conditions stipulated by the seller of your Turkey property are fair and reasonable

We then introduce you to a local solicitor and help you to secure your purchase with a deposit of just one thousand Euro. If you would like to know more then our property in Turkey for sale team will be delighted to assist you.

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