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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Villas for Sale in Antalya

villas for sale in Antalya

Antalya, the capital of Antalya Province is the fifth most populous Turkish city. Lying on the Mediterranean coast, and surrounded with beguiling beaches, it holds the distinction of being Turkey’s biggest beach destination. Also popular as Turkish resort city, it is beyond doubt a heaven on earth in terms of nature, tourist attractions, and quality of life. While visitors keep thronging the city throughout the year, it is also a paradise for those willing to own villas for sale in Antalya

A profitable investment

Investing in one of the villas for sale in Antalya will prove to be value for money as compared to other coastal areas in Turkey. The area ensures good resale value and increased rates on rental properties hence making it a prospective place for the owners. Connecting with an experienced property agent can assist you get some of the best villas for sale in Antalya Turkey at a reasonable cost. 

Here are more reasons to own a property in this historical province.

  1. Cheap property: Antalya is one of the cheapest destinations in Turkey to own residential properties.  
  2. Investor’s paradise: Antalya is number one tourist destination and majour tourism destination in Turkey Being the famous tourist place, it is a major hub for the real estate investors 
  3. Large foreigner communities: The province has sizable communities of expats, who now live here as Turkish citizens.
  4. Conducive climate: Mediterranean summers and the rainy winters make the region good enough to reside in. 300 days is sunny .
  5. Lucrative rental potential: Buying villas for sale in Antalya will leave you with good rental prospects in future.( short term rental return %10 , long term rental return %6 on a yearly basis )  
  6. Best locations: Konyaaltı beach is the best location , the areas surrounding Antalya city center ,old town , kepez , lara , muratpaşa , konyaaltı  , kemer  Belek,side , Alanya ,kaş , Kalkan and more are ideal to have villas for sale in Antalya Turkey
  7. Rich history: Ruled by the powerful Roman, Selçuk , Byzantine and the Ottoman empire one after the other, Antalya holds a rich historical and cultural background. 
  8. Accessibility: Quick transport availability and easy access to local facilities, city center and the airport.
  9. Gain ownership: Easy process to gain the ownership of your property. Freehold title deed .
  10. Get citizenship: Paves the way for you to get Turkish citizenship on buying a property worth USD 250,000 or more.

Property sales during the pandemic

Considering the current Covid-19 crisis, the real estate agents have also streamlined their methods. They prefer using drones to capture the videos of the villas for sale in Antalya and share the same with the potential customers. Next, the agents arrange an online interaction of the buyer with the seller to proceed with the negotiations. Even payment has gone cashless, as the investors prefer doing online payments through bitcoins or other methods. Keeping pace with the changing global conditions is important for businesses. Evidently, the Turkish real estate industry is also upfront at adopting the innovations at the earnest to help the investors get the best and most alluring villas for sale in Antalya Turkey.

best villas for sale in Antalya Turkey

Summary: Antalya is a major tourist destination and one of the best places to reside in Turkey. Foreigners prefer to live here like their second home in  this place as their abode due to favorable climate, booming economy and properties are suitable for any budget like low budget , middle budget and high segment luxury properties  with different types of payment plan including flexible payment plan  . You can also buy
luxury villas for sale in Antalya at the best cost; all you need is to approach the best real estate agent.  For more details and info please contact us www.turkishrivierahomes.com 

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