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Tourism in Antalya after the Covid-19 Travel Ban

Tourism in Antalya. Turkey

Antalya, the southern province in Turkey is a prominent tourist destination that attracts attention from all over the world. In 2019, the country witnessed the arrival of 52 million tourists, thereby helping the Turkish tourism industry to earn a staggering 34.5 billion USD revenues. Interestingly, one-fourth of these visitors were from Antalya alone, which is an all-time record. Even in 2020, the city welcomed a significant downpour of visitors till February, before the pandemic broke out and played spoilsport.

Thankfully, the international flights resumed hitting this Mediterranean coastal city of Turkey from the month of July, with Ukraine and Kazakhstan being among the first ones to ply their planes in the city. The Antalya airport has already welcomed flights from 32 nations across 121 provinces till date, as per the report from officials. Of the total 1.2 million tourists entering the province since July, most came from Russia (381,000 arrivals,) and Germany (323,000 arrivals), followed by the United Kingdom, Ukraine and other countries. The first week of September also experienced a respectable entry of 220,000 passengers, which indicates a positive sign for the tourism industry. As per airport data, Antalya also received 345,641 domestic arrivals till September 08, 2020. 

Nevertheless, the number of flights is still less as compared to the previous year. The same holds for the number of tourists, targeted to be an estimated 60 million at the start of 2020. But Antalya and the rest of Turkey is gradually rising from the lockdown period. The Turkish tourist industry is still hopeful of gaining a respectable inflow of tourists from now on till the end of 2020. It was hard to expect such an overwhelming response from the tourists around two months back.

Since the time the flights have resumed, Turkey has emerged as one of the safest tourist destinations to visit during the pandemic. The nation’s Health Ministry has put forth some effective measures to keep a close check on the novel coronavirus in all the possible areas, from airports to hotels. The Antalya airport itself has tested around 38,000 passengers since the day the flights resumed in July after the travel ban. All these Covid-19 ready steps have encouraged the tourists to prefer Turkey to other nations as their favorite tourist destination.

Tourism in Antalya, Turkey

Besides, the hotels and restaurants at various tourist destinations are proactive at implementing strict hygiene steps and social distancing norms to ensure secure and safer holidays. The beaches in Antalya have become cleaner than ever in the wake of the pandemic. The responsible people here are taking proper care of the visitors’ hygiene while following the social distancing rule. They also encourage the tourists and the native people to dispose of facemasks only in the mask bins. Hence, no wonder, all the 206 eco-friendly beaches in Antalya are among the most widely visited ones in the world, even during the time of coronavirus.

If the visitors fall prey to the Covid-19 infection, despite all the careful efforts by the hospitality operators, the country has the provision of low cost travel insurance to cover their medical bills as well. The plan is a part of  the Safe Tourism Certification Program launched by Turkish Health ministry. It provides health coverage of 3,000 to 7,000 euros at a reasonable cost lying between 15 and 23 euros, respectively. 

With such lucrative health insurance and proficient measures to combat the effect of coronavirus, the tourists in Antalya have increased appreciably. Their number is all poised to grow even bigger with time, due to the capable efforts of the administration. Not surprisingly, the country in its entirety is expecting revenue of US$ 15 billion (TL 110 billion) by the end of the year from the tourism industry.
Antalya - safest tourist destinations to visit during the pandemic

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