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Mersin for Investment

Mersin for Investment

Since the early 2010’s Turkey had been on the top destinations list of many holiday makers and investors. Naturally #Istanbul and #Antalya have been the most popular locations to invest for many years.

Investment overseas is certainly about getting good returns and profitability; however location and the natural and historical value of the area is also important. Turkey is one of the most visited locations of the World. Its long coastline to the Mediterranean, ancient ruins from Hellenistic times, and the fresh food & beverages make the Turkey experience pleasing for its visitor.

#Mersin is on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, to the East of Antalya and the centre of the province is near Adana in a well-developed Cukurova region. Mersin is already developer in terms of domestic tourism. Its sub-provinces #Erdemli, #Silifke and #Anamur are already well-known holiday towns with gold-sand beaches for Turkish holiday makers mainly from other large metropolitan areas like Ankara, Konya, Adana, and Gaziantep.

Investment In Mersin

With the commencement of the construction of the Nuclear Power Plant in Akkuyu to the West of Silifke, thousands of Russian professionals settled in especially areas within 1 hour driving distance to their workplace. Seaside towns such as Atakent-Susanoglu and Tasucu have an important number of Russian residents already. This brought infrastructural investment to these areas which have always been seasonal and made them more complete. There are more businesses open all year round in Erdemli and Silifke overall and larger stores are opening every year to service the new population of the region.

What Mersin has always missed was an International Airport, and it is finally on the verge of being completed. Reports say the Airport will be completed in 2023 most probably in Q2. This is going to change the dynamic of the Mediterranean region and surely bring more foreign interest to the area. At the moment it takes minimum two flights to get to the region, for example if you are coming to Turkey from the UK or the GCC countries. There are a few flights directly landing at Adana however for most passengers “Via Istanbul” is a must.

When the Mersin International Airport opens, it will be 25 minutes to Mersin and 30 minutes to the Adana city centres and travel time to Erdemli coastal towns #Kizkalesi and #Ayas will be down to around 45 minutes with the completion of the Motorway extension to Silifke.

Property prices are still quite mild in Mersin, especially compared to Antalya, and Istanbul. So, there is an opportunity to buy property in Mersin before the prices shoot up after accessibility is much easier.

Property in Mersin

About 24 km to the centre of Erdemli and 25 km to the east of Silifke, Kizkalesi is the midpoint of two large towns. With its famous Castle on the Sea and gold sand beach, Kizkalesi has the potential to be a sought-after location after the Mersin International Airport opens. The area is mostly preserved due to having historical value and with considerate planning and development in the North of the D-400 has the potential to become a neat, villa area with low rise buildings overlooking the sea.

Mersin for Investment
Just to the West of Kizkalesi there is Narlikuyu a small cove surrounded by only fish restaurants and to the North of the bay there is Heaven and Hell, an open-air museum of Hellenistic cliffs and caves leading to an underground water source.

Kizkalesi has simply got what it takes to become a top holiday destination.

About 15 km to the East of the Silifke town centre lies the 2,5 km of gold sand beach of Susanoglu. And towards Kapizli and Altinkum this is one of the longest beaches of Turkey totalling about 10 km. To say the least, there is huge room for development in this area. In this part of the coast homes, residential complexes, holiday villages are all right on the beach. This is not common in Turkey and certainly it adds value to the potential of the area to become and international holiday destination.

Prices of property in Kizkalesi area vary depending on the building age, distance to the sea, features of the complex and the size of the home, however it can be summarised as one-bedroom units start from $65.000 when resale, $85.000 when new built, two-bedroom apartments start from $85.000 when resale, $115.000 when new built, three bedroom and larger units start from $115.000 when resale and $135.000 when new built.

Units are spacious and these prices are for at least an open view of nature or even the sea. It is all about being at the right place, at the right time and for Mersin 2023 is the time.


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