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New York Times praises Kaş

USA New York Times newspaper prepared for its readers a traveler list for 2015 and just gave a rank for Kaş district of Antalya, Turkey. The New York Times prepared a list of the world s best 52 places to visit in 2015. It gives the first place to Milan, Italy. Cuba and the U.S. state Pennsylvania followed Italy in the list. The 52nd place in the list is given to Ka? district of Antalya, which is one...

Property in Antalya

Antalya beautiful and varied scenery, from mountains to sandy beaches with secret clear water bays, ensures that property in Antalya is always in demand. For all year round vibrancy look no further than Antalya City, the working hub of south western Turkey whose large blue collar work force means that renting out your apartment on a long term contract is guaranteed. Indeed, many Antalya off-plan apartments...

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