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5 Reasons to Invest in Apartments and Villa for Sale in Belek

5 reasons to invest in apartments

Have you been longing to enjoy the luxurious Mediterranean life, surrounded by beautiful greenery, sea and beach? If yes, then Belek would be an ideal choice. Located in the Antalya region, Belek is the main hub for tourism. The town has extravagant villas for sale and is famous for its impressive golf courses as well. Due to favourable location, it is one of the best and most-preferred residential hubs in Turkey.  Rich diversity and breath-taking landscapes further act as a motivating factor for investors to buy holiday home villas and apartments in this city.

Finding apartments for sale in Belek, Turkey is convenient as the location is home to myriad exotic and luxurious real estate properties at a reasonable rate. Not only the locals but even the foreigners prefer investing in this Turkish land, mostly to acquire Turkish citizenship.

Why buy property in Belek?

Here are some prominent reasons to buy a property in Belek.

  1. Excellent Golf Courses

Golf is the first thing that comes to one’s mind with the mere mention of Belek. The town offers premium golf experience, so if you are a golf enthusiast, you would love this place. Belek golf courses are a popular destination for the lovers of this coveted sport. The city also hosts golf tournaments, which witness participation from the golfers from all across the world.

  1. Ideal Climate

The ideal, mild climate of Belek is the ultimate factor that attracts many property owners. The town has 300 days of sunshine per year so it is safe to say that you can visit it as per your convenience. The warm and dry weather works in favour of the vacationers who would like to have a fun time exploring Belek.  The clean and clear Kadriye beaches further add up to the joy of the tourists in Belek.

  1. Nature and Sports

One of the reasons why seeking apartments for sale in Belek has become so popular is its idealistic topography. The town hosts colourful scenery and magnificent beaches that can mesmerize anyone. You can also find many entertainment centres and outdoor activities that might keep you busy throughout the day.

  1. The Land of Legends Kingdom on Kadriye beach

Belek also hosts the Land of Legends Kingdom hotel located on the Kadriye beach. Designed especially for kids, the place is full of adventure and entertainment for the entire family. Be it the Venetian-style canals or theme park, this magical kingdom is sure to give you oodles of excitement.

  1. Easy Conveyance

Transportation is not an issue in Belek if you don’t own a private vehicle. You can easily find buses at any time of the day. The bus service is cheap, and it goes around the neighbourhood including the Antalya region. Belek is just 30 minutes away from Antalya Airport, so you wouldn’t have a hard time locating it.

  1. Affordable Apartments Prices

You can find any type of apartment or holiday home villas provided at a various price range. From a decent flat to a luxurious house facing the beachfront, you can avail them at negotiable prices. Guess what! You can expect great returns on your investment as well, through rental income. To be precise, you can get an annual short term rental income of 10% and long term rental income between 5-6%.

The well-developed infrastructure, the panoramic seaside view, exciting theme parks and the fancy lifestyle altogether make Belek a go-to place if you want to relax and have a good time. With the town’s ever-growing popularity, you would be making a wise decision to buy a villa for sale in this land of legends. Investing in villas for sale in Belek is equally suitable for citizenship as well. Hence, it would be ideal to approach the local real estate agencies so that you end up buying the best apartments for sale in Belek, Turkey.  www.turkishrivierahomes.com

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