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December: Is It a Good Time to Visit Turkey?

As the Winter season approaches, you might be considering one very important question:

Is December the perfect time to visit Turkey?

The blue waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas wash almost 40% of the country’s border. As a result, the country experiences a moderate climate throughout the year. December is one of the best months to visit the country if you want to experience the city without the crowd and avoid paying high prices for everything.

Advantages of visiting Turkey in December

  1. Versatile weather conditions

One of the prime reasons to visit Turkey during December is the versatile weather conditions. First, the country has a diverse geographical terrain, from mountains in the northern part to seas forming the southeastern boundaries. Therefore, you can visit the mountains to enjoy the cold air and snow or the coastal regions to take a dip in the warm ocean water and enjoy the breeze.

  1. Skiing season in Turkey

December marks the beginning of the skiing season in Turkey. The country is home to about 15 ski resorts, like Mount Uludag and Mount Erciyes. You will have ample opportunities to enjoy the snow and practice some skiing skills. In addition, the fascinating Winter beauty of the inland mountains will make you spellbound for a long time.

  1. Abundance of Historical & Cultural sites

You can easily use the city breaks in December to explore the entire country and bask in the cultural heritage. For instance, Istanbul, the nation’s capital, is the beacon for history lovers – thanks to its rich history from the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Similarly, cosmopolitan Antalya might be the best option if you want to enjoy Christmas.

  1. Less crowd and hustle-bustle

Undoubtedly, one big advantage of visiting Turkey in December is less crowds, and that means almost no hustle-bustle. You can see the attractions and take in everything with no interruptions. For instance, you can easily roam around and bask in the beauty of the Ephesus ruins from the Byzantine era.


As you now know the benefits of visiting Turkey in December, go on to book the flight ticket and find some of the best rental properties in the country. From villas in the peninsular region to cottages around the inland mountains, you will find many options to relax and rejuvenate you during your stay in Turkey!

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