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buy a property in Bodrum

Why should you buy a property in Bodrum?

Throughout Turkish rich history, people looking for an escape from Istanbul’s fast-paced life; have relocated to Bodrum- a city with picturesque landscapes. The elite professionals who moved to the city also took their culture along with them and turned it into an epic center of politicians and artists. If you are interested to live in a place where you can spend your time after retirement or a place...

Turkey holidays

Travelling to Turkey? How to plan your trip to make your Turkey holiday a memorable one?

Is it Asia or is it Europe? It’s much more because it’s both! Boasting a marvellous melange of amazing beaches, enchanting mountains and beautiful deserts, Turkey is a place that attracts people from all walks of life. It’s not only natural additions of the county, there are globally renowned marvels like Blue Mosque, Galata Tower and cities like Istanbul, Mersin that attract lots of...

Jeep Safaris in Turkey

Know all about Adventure Sports in Turkey for a Memorable Trip

Just blend holiday with adventure, and indeed you will have an amazing time- a relief from the hectic mundane life. With an amazing reputation of being an open-air historical treasure trove, Turkey is also known for its adventure activities. So all those adventure junkies who are keen to explore the new side of their personalities, pack their bags and move to Turkey. Did I not tell you that your holiday...

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