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In the middle of Cappadoccia resides one of its finest towns - Ürgüp. Here there is unique Dervish monastery of XIIIth century, which is fully renovated as a hotel of more than 1000m2. It is listed as a protected fine art Turkish monument. The Hotel provides 10 rooms (1 single, 3 triples, 6 doubles), 1 swimming pool, 2 dining rooms, 1 loggia, 4 large terraces. The hotel comes entirely furbished with genuine antique carpets, hand-crafted wooden doors, and Turkish textiles. All hotel equipment will also remain and is included in the selling price. High season starts from May till October. Double rooms (breakfast included) are sold at a minimum of 80€/night. Hotel is in very good condition, ready to operate immediately. A main attraction are the catacombs and caves, to date 30 mazes have been discovered, which once...